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Serial Killers: Myths, Modes and Mannerisms

Pat Brown, a former criminal profiler, wrote a cool book entitled Killing for Sport that explodes 10 myths about serial killers. Here are 5 of them:

      1. Myth – Serial killers are strangers. SKs can be someone you know. Nice.
      2. Myth – Serial killers are brilliant. They have average brains: most have low level jobs and make poor decisions.
      3.  Myth – SK’s victims look alike. Serial killers murder a variety of victims. Generally victims are often short and light: easier to toss into the trunk of a car.  The Hip might know about that. Ugh.
      4. Myth – You can link a SK to his crimes by his MO – A SK may change his MO for different reasons. Usually he kills depending on what seems to be working or whichever weapon is available to him at the time.
      5. Myth – Present method of catching SKs worksWhat present method? There are more serial killers outside prison than inside. I read a SK book by a detective who said many people have probably come closer to being a SK victim than they realize.
      6. A ray of hope: SKs do not kill often. Here’s a surprise: some of them are remorseful and turn themselves in before they kill again.   


Personal Facts
dysfunctional families – drug addicts, religious fanatics, incest
social rejection
conscious of his crime (eg. disposal of body)
blames victim
lacks impulse control
tremendous hatred

Personality Test

Workshop: Rape Prevention

Children of Rage – Beth Thomas and Mary Bell


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