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Emotionally Vapid People Scare Me

Of course not everyone who lacks empathy, sensitivity, or a sense of humour is a psychopath.  But doesn’t it make you nuts when someone never laughs at a joke and when someone is always too busy thinking about themselves to react to anyone else?  Pychopaths lack appropriate emotions.  They have difficulty in social interactions. They imitate others when in public but alone they are very different. People with personality disorders display inappropriate emotions, and if they are truly off the deep end their emotions are blunted. watch personality disorders and eating disorders

The DSM-IV-R (there is supposedly a DSM-V coming out this year) details personality disorders based on 4 core features. Consider the complete lack of appropriate emotional response in these notorious whack jobs:

    •  sociopathic personality
    • Impulse control problems

Diane DownsMom: bushy-haired stranger shot kids –  3:53 – 4:16 – watch her lack of emotional response when discussing the crime. Watch her odd affect when demonstrating the crime 6:13 – 7:00.

Drew PetersonWhy do killers speak out – 0:00 – 1:47 Peterson is quite detached until the last 10 seconds of his interview when he manages to squeak out one tear. A missing wife and unborn baby.  One tear.

Susan SmithWhy do killers speak out – 1:48 –  2:30 – Initially Smith can’t look at the camera. Her second interview shows a bubbly mother.  watch Steve Harvey on Susan Smith

Mark Hacking –  Why do killers speak out – 2:31 – 3:12 – Hacking tries but cannot squeeze out a tear…not as good an actor as Peterson, I guess. Another Downs.

Bethany StorroInterview with Woman who had cup of acid thrown in her face    Accuses a black woman (hello Susan Smith) of the crime. She seems quite buoyant and in spite of trying to cry, she’s unable to do so. Washington woman admits acid attack a hoax   and  Parents of woman who faked acid attack apologize to the nation  The DSM would probably describe Storro as having

    • Extreme and distorted thinking patterns
    • Significant interpersonal problems

Ashley Anne Kirilow – faked a cancer for financial gain 

      Kirilow, from Burlington, Ontario, lost weight, shaved her head, plucked out her eyelashes and eyebrows to convince people the hoax was true. When she made videos she was awfully perky for a terminally ill woman.
      Further to this there are 10 personality disorders divided into 3 clusters (groups):

Cluster A: Odd, eccentric disorders – i don`t really see the above weirdos fitting this cluster but here they are: Paranoid personality – Schizoid personality – schizotypical personality

 Cluster B: Dramatic, Emotional Cluster

    • Anti-social personality – illegal acts, reckless behaviour, hostility – our noted killers above may have ASP but they are more likely to be sociopaths. Kirilow, Hacking, Downs, Peterson, Bundy. ASPs seldom rape or murder…they aren’t usually the dangerous type but a sociopath can also have ASP tendencies.
    • Histrionic personality – seek attention, quite seductive, risky sexual liaisons, depressed when alone – eg. Kirilow, Storro, Downs and Peterson
    • Narcissistic personality – Bundy, Peterson, Downs. Believe they are uniquely gifted, require a lot of admiration from others
    • Borderline personality – extremely dramatic: angry outbursts, see the world as all or nothing, risky sexual liaisons, self-harm. Downs, Smith, Kirilow and Storro.

Cluster C – Anxious, Fearful – Dependent Personality I would apply to: Downs, Kirilow, Storro, and Smith. Clingy, needs to be taken care of, when a relationship ends they immediately seek another one. Downs was particularly bad for that; she slept with nearly every man at her place of work (including the married ones) and was so dependent on her final, married lover she tried to kill her kids to keep him.

These winners are the extremes in personality disorders.  I`ve known or heard of probably 3 people I suspect had pds. My best friend worked with a total psychopath.  He was creepy. He spoke in this quiet, slimy voice, leered at women, hit his girlfriend, lied, cheated and stole. Yikes. A male cousin of mine dated a girl who was capable of working but liked to bilk the welfare system, used drugs, lied a lot, but happened to be very pretty and had a great sense of humour. I call people like her nuts.


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