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Emancipation from Family

Ever heard that expression?  A person can emancipate from just about anyone or anything but the most interesting emancipation I’ve heard is children who divorce their parents  so to speak. In that case emancipation refers to a minor child who is legally recognized as an adult and can make all or most legal decisions for him/herself. Stipulations with emancipation vary among provinces and states. For instance a minor might have to reach the age of 16 before an emancipation can be granted. Depending on jurisdiction an emancipated minor can:

    1. decide which school they wish to attend
    2. have control over another minor
    3. conduct a busines
    4. buy and sell property
    5. sue and be sued

    There are a number of ways to achieve emancipation:

    1. marriage
    2. joining the military
    3. obtaining a degree or diploma
    4. economic self-sufficiency

There is such a thing as a mature minor doctrine wherein a minor can refuse or accept medical procedure without parental consent or knowledge.  As you’d expect the MMD leads to a lot of complexities: One case involved a 1961 incident wherein an 18-year-old married father suffering a progressive disease told doctors that his wife might become burdened in caring for further children. Smith requested a vasectomy however after reaching the age of majority sued the doctor, claiming he had been a minor and was unable to grant surgical consent. The court rejected Smith’s argument. What a nut job (pun).

A minor seeking emancipation can cause great harm within the family. Emancipation cannot be undone. However there are parents who don’t provide the necessities of life and who are either abusive or unresponsive to the minor. If the minor chooses to run away the police can retrieve him/her and place him/her into a hostel but this requires parental consent. The child will not be returned to an abusive parent.

Children in cults have good reason to seek emancipation although they must prove to the courts that they can provide their own financial stability. Cultic children are kept out of public schools and without formal educational training, cultic children lack educational and social skills. Lack of social skills in cultic or abducted children is evident in their strange emotional affect and inability to associate in a healthy manner with other children. Consider Jaycee Dugard’s 2 young children, Angel and Starlite, when they were returned home 18 years after Jaycee’s abduction.  Jaycee’s 2 daughters exhibit “robotic actions and vacant expressions.” While they lived with Garrido, their biological father the eldest daughter “clung to his arm and was exceedingly obedient.” On the surface people who knew the Dugard children claim they seemed normal and happy. So did Jaycee.

If ever there was a reason for emancipation, that has to be it. read Does Childhood Stress stay with you for your whole life?


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