40 years of faulty wiring

Companies that Couldn’t Cut it

Remember AOL?  Didn’t think so. It was one of the original internet-based software engine with a market niche for web-surfing rookies. Then AOL began charging for email services, passwords, and software programs. Internet users developed more sophisticated skills and with that they had more sophisticated computer requirements that AOL was unable to meet. AOL went BYE. Watch AOL/Time Warner Merger

  • Converse shoes were taken over by Nike. Converse experienced success and garnered up to seven per cent market share. By the 1990s Converse fell into financial difficulties, including athletic endorsements that stepped on a few toes (pun). Its market share shrank to one per cent by the end of 2000. Ouch. In 2003, Nike took a gamble on Converse, bought out the brand and revived its retro appeal.  watch nike x jordan x converse hybrid shoe
  • Blockbuster. We’ve heard the bell tolling for this one and with good reason: it isn’t only due Pay-per-view and Netflix that posed a threat. Blockbuster alienated a lot of its customers when it forced independent video stores out of business then raised its rental prices. BB is hanging by a thread, however it’s CEOs aren’t complete morons: they’re investigating ways to rewind (pun) and hang onto their market share. watch blockbuster to file for bankruptcy
  • Dating franchises. There have been many that have split up (pun) over the years. They were a 1990s craze but they didn’t hold a market niche very long. It’s Just Lunch began in 2000 and called it quits in 2006 (probably longer than any of it’s customer’s relationships lasted). The Right One, established in 1999, became the wrong one by 2002. Eight at Eight which established dinners for eight singles at 8 o’clock ended up at zero for one. Remember video dating franchises? Here’s a great video demonstrating why video dating didn’t make it. Watch 80s video dating montage  watch ellen found the 80s video dating men!
  • Pet Rock. Okay this was a fad but it was still a business. They were marketed like live pets in cardboard boxes, with straw and breathing holes. They lasted about six months, until they hit rock bottom (pun) and made CEO Gary Dahl a millionaire. It was such a stupid concept too. watch pet rock care and handling
  • Here’s a dot.com flop for you: Webvan. It delivered groceries to your door after you selected what you wanted online then placed your order. It did well at first netting $375 million in 18 months and it’s eventual worth was 2 billion dollars. But it’s growth didn’t match consumer demand and it spoiled (pun) in 2001, leaving 2000 employees without jobs.  watch webvan commercial – kung fu
  • Delta Airlines. They were around for 76 years until they crashed (pun) in September 2005 due to bankruptcy. In 2004 DA tried to renege by firing employees and restructuring the company with expansion plans. They closed their doors and fastened their seatbelts in September 2005. Incredibly, Delta turned itself around and soared back into business. By 2007 it was out of bankruptcy and re-hiring former employees. watch Delta Airlines atlanta anthem 
  •  Ford Motors. Ford posted a $14.6 billion loss in 2008, the company’s worst performance in its history. And that will prevent the company from reducing its $15.9 billion debt. Although Ford  has shown progress in restructuring its debt — shaving $9.9 billion in April — it still has a lot of work to do before assuaging bankruptcy concerns. And they’ve come so far in erasing their Third Reich alliance during the Second World War. Pity. watch ford loses money while unemployment rates rise

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