40 years of faulty wiring

No More 8-Tuplets

Octomom (Nadya Suleman) will be the last woman in California to give birth to a litter. Her physician, Dr. Michael Kamrava, had his licence revoked by the Medical Board of California, “to protect the public.” Kamrava transplanted 12 embryos into Suleman’s uterus resulting in the infamous 8 children, earning her the unflattering name Octomom. Suleman already had 6 children by invitro fertilization via a different doctor, bringing the grand total to 14 babies. That is baffling considering:

  1. Suleman is unemployed – she has no financial means to care for her children. Watch Huge delivery to Octomom’s home (seems to me she already had a huge delivery).
  2. Suleman relies upon welfare – obviously since she is unemployed yet she chose to undergo invitro fertilization without the means to support her children. Watch octomom’s trapped or poorly cared for children.
  3. Suleman is divorced – The American Society for Reproductive Medicine ( ASRM)  “found no persuasive evidence that children are harmed or disadvantaged solely by being raised by single parents”. Yet police have attended Suleman’s home several times due to poor care of her 14 children.
  4. Suleman’s mother claims Suleman is “mentally unbalanced” – ironically Suleman worked in a mental hospital before birthing her octuplets. Perhaps she will return as a patient.

5.  Suleman misappropriated $20,000.00 of donated money. Suleman used it for plastic surgery to repair her body post-surgery. Oh, and she got lip filler since she believes she resembles Angelina Jolie.  The plastic surgery must have been before Suleman “trashed Kate Gosselin” for getting a tummy tuck after having her children. Not surprisingly, Hollywood made Suleman’s situation into a reality series. Watch “Suleman’s TV Show.” and “Octomom on Reality Show.” Suleman’s mother stated in an interview that she has been raising Suleman’s children for her. Watch Octomom’s mother Angela Suleman speaks out.

In spite of all the attention, money, donations and infamy, Suleman herself now admits that shescrewed her life up, I screwed up my kids’ life.”  Suleman even admits she has developed“romantic feelings for the mystery man” who  fathered her babies. Suleman made her own decisions and unfortunately it’s her children who are paying the price.  The reality series was cancelled after only one season and Suleman is once again financially broke. Without a doubt, the Medical Board of California made a wise decision in revoking Kamrava’s medical licence.


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