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Obesity and Ostracism: How Guilty Are You?

Audience interaction time. There are so many prejudices in this world it’s hardly surprising that obesity is among them. Prejudice results from ignorance, ignorance meaning “lack of knowledge“.  Obesity leads to crippling professional, psychology and social consequences. Watch jess talks about obesity and discriminationHere are scenarios that are based on both discrimination and/or ability to perform work, and social isolation by peers.

    1. Unemployment. Obese people often experience difficulty obtaining or keeping jobs due to their weight. Watch Obesity and discrimination Were the courts correct in assessing this case as one of ability and not discrimination?
    2. Underemployment. This discrimination applies more often to women than men. Read page 3 of Bias, Discrimination and Obesity. Have you been underemployed based on obesity?
    3. Graduation from school. WatchToo fat to graduate. Is Lincoln University within its right?
    4. Watch Tyra Banks – Extreme Dieting. Which is less socially acceptable to you: an extremely underweight or an extremely overweight woman?
      Watch “Kirstie Alley’s Bikini Shock“. What do you think of the audience’s reaction to Kirsty Allen on Oprah? What is yours? Watch
    5. Watch Fight the Fat: Obesity and Bullying and Childhood obesity: Austin’s Story. Were you bullied for being the “fat kid” as a child?
    6. Watch Dr Phil: 3 ways I am making my child fat. Why do parents instill poor eating habits in their children?
    7. Watch Mom sues McDonald’s. What is your reaction to this mother’s lawsuit?


It’s a lot to think about. There aren’t right or wrong answers to these questions; perhaps a closer look at your own beliefs about the issue of obesity. Hey, it’s a start.


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