40 years of faulty wiring

Celebrities Who Pass the Buck on Obscene Public Behaviour

Pass the Buck Syndrome (PB)

 PBS syndrome (I made that one up) consists of celebrities committing obscenities in public then insisting it was beyond their control or better still, someone else’s fault. Why do spin doctors insist on inventing syndromes and genetic causes for bad attitudes, promiscuity, obesity, reckless credit, alcoholism, as if we are clueless enough to buy into this stuff? Remember Mel the anti-Semitic Gibson and that ridiculous explanation he offered after his drunken rant against Jews:  “That wasn’t me talking.”   (That’s his mug shot btw). Way to pass the buck, Mel.
Career Revenues:  35 million dollars
Uploaded Youtube Rant:  $5.00
                                    Snotty attitude even while apologizing to the public:  Priceless

Then there was Kramer’s (from Seinfeld) racist rant on Youtube about white and black men. Watch Michael Richards Goes Crazy. Its pretty much destroyed his career (and rightly so). Watch Michael Richards “So called apology I love how other celebrities refused to let him pass the buck on that one:  Watch Kramer’s apology (Family Guy)
Career Revenues Before the Incident:  $25 million dollars
Career Revenues After the Incident:  $0 dollars
Blaming the blacks in the audience for heckling him and causing his ignorant remarks:  Priceless

Tom Cruise.  Need I say more?  The Brooke Shields criticism, the anger toward Matt Lauer about his understanding of psychiatry (enclosed), his warped behaviour on Oprah (admittedly a different type of bizarreness).  The difference in TC however is that he actually believes in his own public idolatry and believes he has no reason to make apologies to anyone. I wonder if his wife was permitted to have an epidural while she gave birth to Suri?  Watch Tom Cruise chews out Matt Lauer
Career Revenues: 
$100 million dollars
Personality Disorder:  $
0 dollars in psychiatric visits (he doesn’t believe in psychiatry)
Obvious effort to not lose it on Matt Lauer even though Scientologists aren’t allowed to get angry:  Priceless

Self-Sabotage Syndrome (SSS)

Then there’s the bizarre  “Self-Sabotage Syndrome” (I made that one up). This is the opposite of Gibson and Richards where a celebrity deliberately sabotages a career in order to get back into the limelight. Lindsay Lohan is a prime example. She fakes public humiliation to attract the paparazzi and distract public attention from her crummy acting. She started out as an adorable kid who had acting talent which soon disappeared, so she re-invented herself as a coked-up drunk who bares all in Playboy, and does a little jail time now and again.  Who does she think she’s kidding? What a waste of court dollars.  Watch Lindsay Lohan leaves court in handcuffs.
Career Revenues:  $55 million dollars
Breast Implants and Hair Bleach:  $10,080 dollars
Trying Really Hard to look Remorseful in Court but Her Acting isn’t Up to Par:  Priceless

Winona Ryder, a pretty actress who, like Lohan lacks actual talent, is only famous-by-default due to her ex-relationship with Johnny Depp. She displayed a fine example of SSS with her fake kleptomaniac arrest. Watch Winona Ryder shoplifting. We’re still waiting for the subsequent comeback that hasn’t happened. What a surprise.
Career Revenues:  $25 million dollars
Kleptomania Stash:  $10,000 dollars
The fact that no one born in 1985 knows who she is even though she was in the headlines for stealing:  Priceless


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