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Fat Pants / Skinny Pants

Have you still got those hidden, shameful fat pants in your closet, along with a fat skirt, fat dress, fat jeans and what have you?  Think you’re bad?  Think you’re weak.  Wrong.  You are a cyclical human being who has moments in life when s/he can devote more time to fitness and focusing on yourself than others. It’s not likely that your eating changes greatly.  I doubt you are going from eating a well-balanced diet of about 2,500 calories or so a day to eating 4 times a day at McDonald’s and sucking back 8,000 calories when you have to pull on your fat pants.  Am I right?  Thought so. Did you know that a woman’s weight can fluctuate daily up to 8 pounds?

You might notice that you are seasonally fat.  In the summer time when you and the kids are outside exercising (hiking, swimming, biking, running) obviously you shed a few pounds and it feels effortless because it’s fun.  It’s not a gym. It’s a natural, family centered thing to do for your body. Now you need your skinny pants. Winter rolls around.  If you’re the outdoor in the freezing weather type you may not have to wear fat pants ever, but like many of us if you freeze at the thought of freezing, you stay inside a lot and hit the gym maybe twice a week (stop lying).  Out come the fat pants.  So what? No bigee (pun).

It’s natural to gain and lose weight. It’s natural to live your life in cycles (you do anyway, Mother Nature is in charge of that). Ever thought about animal and plant life cycles? Talk about cyclical and circular.  And most of them need fat pants.  Look at bears.  They eat as much as they can stand before hibernation then settle down for a 5 – 7 month pseudo-hibernation (they don’t go into complete dormancy but that’s another blog entirely).  When they wake up they’ve lost zoodles of weight because their bodies have burn it all winter (wouldn’t you love that?) and they’ve given birth (wouldn’t you love that even more?) Now they need their skinny pants.

A woman’s hormonal cycle onto menopause works the same way. For some females 28 days makes a full menstrual cycle, for others it’s a week or so longer. You certainly go through fat pants when nature calls, dontcha? The circadian cycle, or the number of hours we humans have squeezed into what we call a “day” (24) leaving approximately 8 hours for sleep is all about cycles. So is getting hungry, getting sleepy, feeling fatigued depending on your food intake and lots of other stuff. Your body lives through cycles and unless you are training for a marathon it’s likely you wear skinny pants and fat pants. So what? You’re human, and a cyclical human at that. Now go have a slice of that scrumptious apple crumble (a slice) and remember to burn it off some time this week….tomorrow is another day.


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  1. I’ve never been a big fan of skinny jeans. This just confirms my opinion:


    Comment by Sally | May 25, 2011 | Reply

    • Ha! No doubt…they’re only skinny depending on what’s in them…

      Comment by teacher | May 25, 2011 | Reply

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