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The Advice Most Career Advice Blogs Overlook

Politics. In a word, the political and economic culture in which businesses and agencies are run has a significant amount to do with failure or success in a career.  Consider Canada’s current political climate. The Harper House of Horrors, although an international disgrace and hostile towards social programs including education, welfare and the medical community, is ideal if you are a brand new MBA looking to break in that Michel Pinaud suit on Bay Street. You, MBAer, probably think the Terrific Tories are just what the doctor ordered (pun) in terms of you securing and moving ahead in your career. There may not be anything inherently wrong with your career choice or in your professional ethics. It’s just that Canada’s current cutthroat PM is your best friend.  Watch where have all the workers gone
article: How to Keep Your Job

Now let’s imagine that Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal party oust Harper and take over Parliament. If you were hired during Harper’s regime you could very well find yourself in trouble…a lot of trouble. You just know that Ignatieff is going to start slashing corporate spending, taxing big business through the nose, and basically turning the tables back in the opposite direction. What does that mean for you? Well, MBAer, you’d better get your Visual CV updated (see my blog The Visual CV) and consider working for a non-profit organization (oh stop that, you). Or you may have felt the wrath of Almighty Harper during his reign of terror and lost your job because of his interests in business. Your company might very well have started laying off employees and you just know that the most recent and junior are the first sacrifical lambs.
video: Keep Jobs in Canada

They didn’t teach you that in business school did they? Career bloggers don’t usually refer to current government when blogging for job seekers. They speak to people who have  jobs and thus their advice exists within a corporate microcosm rather than the macrocosmthat is the rest of Canada. Don’t fret. They mean well. Of course jobs can be lost and corporate takeovers can happen in any government, but it wouldn’t hurt to observe your industry trends and employment opportunities, and keep a close eye on Ottawa.
video: Staying Employed in Challenging Times

Now offering advice to career movers and shakers on a grander scale, that is in reference to the national political body, takes a more objective stance than simply blogging about how to work your way around office politics (there’s that microcosm again), promotions and venemous coworkers. Career advice bloggers would do well to keep that one in mind. It’s helpful to people to offer advice such as “How to Know You Are On Your Way Out” (Christiane Ouimet pictured left, for instance) based on office politics, but more so when that advice is offered within a government perspective. That way at the very least your boss can look you straight in the eye and say “it’s not you, it’s me,” like you told your last lover and, like when you told your last lover, somehow maintain a straight face.
video: Making the Cuty … How to Stay Employed

Welcome to politics, MBAer.


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  1. I truly liked your point of view..Thanks for making us aware..Great !!!
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    Comment by samantha | June 8, 2011 | Reply

    • You are very welcome….thank you for taking the time to respond 🙂

      Comment by teacher | June 8, 2011 | Reply

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