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Start Your Own Business in One Day

I’m not kidding. I found this kick-butt blog How to Start a Small Business in Just One Day on bNet, a cool business website that offers all kinds of advice such as the above. Now I am well aware of the irony of me harping about Harper and his cutthroat corporate government and then promoting small business enterprise on the same blog but listen: I’m not advocating you take funding away from day care, education, Aboriginal women and Malawi in order to do it. Maintain a balance and don’t lose sight of the fact that you and your business are not an island. No wo/man is ever an island.

Enough of that. In a nutshell here are the essential steps to establishing a business in one day:

  1. Choose a name. Nothing fancy. Don’t dwell.
  2. Get an EIN (Employee Identification Number)…or its Canadian equivalent.
  3. Register your trade name if you aren’t operating under your own name.
  4. Fill out a business personal property tax form. Or not. Depends on your locale.
  5. Ask your locality about other needed permits.
  6. If necessary get a certificate of resale. Rather like re-certification on a car you’ve purchased from your friend.
  7. Get a business bank account.
  8. Set up a simple accounting spreadsheet.

Done! Awesome.  If I wanted to own a small business I’d be on it today. And finished by tonight.
video: Start Your Own Business in 10 Steps
site: SBA.gov … legal procedures to start your own business


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