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Harper the Evil Astronaut

Cool concept…an astronaut. What little boy didn’t want to be an astronaut before he grew into a man who was forced into a pencil-pushing “yes-man” job? But that’s another blog entirely. An astronaut is hailed as a person who does things that have never been done before…..Harper has proven in the Harper House of Horrors that he has done the same, yet these are not good accomplishments. Well, not unless you consider eroding Canadian democracy to be a good accomplishment of course.

Check this video:Stephen Harper is an Evil Astronaut
Then check this site:  shitharperdid.com ( no, no…not Shit my Dad Says – for a minute there you were thinking about that site, weren’t you?)
**warning  the truth is dreadfully inconvenient**

Among some of the more outstanding firsts in the Harper House of Horrors:

  1.  Canada was the 6th largest aid donor to Malawi and biggest supplier of school books…Harper closed the Canadian embassy in Malawi and took the country (as well as 6 other African nations) off Canada’s aid priority list. See my blog Madonna and Malawi are Low on Harper’s List
  2. In 2010, Harper eliminated funding for Sisters in Spirit, an organization leading investigations into 600 cases of missing and murdered Canadian Aboriginal women and girls. check this video: Stephen Harper Lack of Concern for Native Women
    Read my blog Harper is a Gender-Biased Name
  3.  Speaking of our Native People: The Kelowna Accord was a $5 billion agreement to improve the quality of health and education for Canada’s First Nation’s Peoples… Harper cancelled it in 2006. video: Stephen Dion on the Kelowna Accord.
  4. In order to protect the profits in Big Oil Harper sabotaged global efforts involving climate change… in 2009 prominent politicians and scientists called for Canada to be removed from the Commonwealth.
  5. In 2008, Harper’s government plans to weaken regulations & allow corporate food producers to conduct their own safety inspections were enacted… the listeriosis meat outbreak killed 17 Canadians. Video: Short Documentary on Listeriosis Outbreak  Remember the Maple Leaf meat products scandal? This is how it happened.

First. Time. Ever.

When you head to the May 2nd voting polls, make it the last.


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  1. Commonwealth was a prominent opponent of the apartheid regime in South Africa. In the 1960s, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru led a joint effort that read South Africa out of the Commonwealth. In the 1980s, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney rebuffed efforts by UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and US President Ronald Reagan to dilute sanctions until South Africa really began to reform and democratize in a genuine and determined way.  Commonwealth suspended Nigeria for 3 years after the 1995 hanging of the activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. Zimbabwe was suspended from Commonwealth in 2002. 
    The Commonwealth allows for member countries to be suspended for Human Rights abuses, but ignores the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on some of the poorest countries in the world. The definition of serious violations should embrace much more than it does now.
    But present Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s foreign and domestic policy has fulfilled the hopes of US conservatives. In 2007 Canadin Prime Minister Stephen Harper along with Australian Prime Minister John Howard has successfully blocked more than 50 Commonwealth countries that were seeking a climate change resolution that would force industrialized countries to adopt a binding commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canada’s lack of action on climate change is contributing to droughts, floods and sea level rises in small island states and vulnerable commonwealth countries such as Maldives, Bangladesh, and Mozambique. Canada’s emissions have risen by more than 25% between 1990 and 2007. Canada is at the bottom of the G8 for action to tackle climate change. Canadians consumes far more than their fair share of petroleum and owe a debt to developing countries of the Commonwealth for the impact of their emissions on the climate. Canada is getting away with climate crimes that are destroying homes and livelihoods of the people live in developing countries of the Commonwealth. Present Canadian government continues to support for the extraction of oil from Alberts tar sands, a process which is 3 times as damaging to the climate than extracting conventional oil. Extracting millions of barrels of dirty oil from Alberta tar sands and abandoning the Kyoto treaty is not the behaviour of a responsible commonwealth country and Canada should be suspended from Commonwealth immediately. Canada’s complete failure to cut its emissions is making the global situation worse. If the Commonwealth countries are serious about holding their members to account, then they should suspend Canada immediately since it is threatening the lives of millions of people in developing Commonwealth countries. Unless Canada is willing to stop blocking international climate negotiations through its continued support for the Alberta tar sands, Canada should withdraw its membership with Commonwealth. The Commonwealth should hold Canadian government to a higher standard. 
    – Nalliah Thayabharan

    Comment by Nalliah Thayabharan | September 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. 100% agree with you Nalliah. That’s the problem at Canada’s voting polls. The House of Commons experienced a lot of corruption among different conservative cabinet ministers and Harper didn’t seem to know what was happening. Even in light of the mess Harper’s Haunted House of Horrors was in, he won the recent federal election by a landslide. His campaign consists of continuing to provide tax breaks to corporations, stating that this will somehow create more jobs. That’s a load of rot since everyone knows the conservatives outsource to foreign countries vis a vis sweatshops. The CEOs are getting big bonuses from the corporate tax cuts….that’s where most of the money is actually going. Harper stated that he will buy 16 F-35 Lightning II jet fighters over the following 3 years costing $16 billion US while most of our Aboriginal people live without clean running hot and cold water in their houses. Building a water supply tank to reach homes in one neighbourhood costs approximately $100 million…..significantly less than the collection of jet fighters Harper seems to think we so desperately need. The intention to sign a future sole-sourced, untendered contract and the government’s refusal to provide detailed costing became one of the major causes leading to an early federal election in 2011. At any rate the Natives go without their running water and Harper sticks to his priorities and itinerary. Hey what’s a few million lives around the globe, eh?

    Comment by teacher | September 23, 2011 | Reply

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