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7 Reasons Not to Own Your Own Business

An oddball follow-up to the previous post Start Your Own Business in One Day and what’s even odder is the author of this blog is the same. However one blog doesn’t cancel out the other. Some people are cut out for business ownership and some aren’t. This blog just offers a rather glib checklist to see if you are in the latter category.

  1. You still play fantasy sports at work.
  2. You spent a lot of time personalizing your office.
  3. You don’t empty your own trash, even when you’re going that way.
  4. You feel you could be a lot more productive… if you only had that new (insert latest technology here).
  5.  You’re still pissed your department got shorted during the last budget cycle.
  6. You can discuss work-life balance issues with intelligence and passion.
  7. You’ve said, even once, “I’ve paid my dues.”

Clearly you need to be the opposite of numbers 1 – 7 to even consider owning your own business. Picture yourself doing the opposite and gauge how it feels. Natural or abnormal? By the way I haven’t expanded on those bullets. Read the original blog to find out why these are warning flags about becoming an enterpreneur.
video: How to start a business
site: SBA.gov – advice and information about starting your own business


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