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“Stephen Harper” is a Gender Biased Concept

Don’t think so? Check this video:  **warning**  gut-wrenching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmthTKSWFWw

Okay, so Harper doesn’t like to dwell on nastiness such as murdered and missing Canadian Aboriginal women. The funding was cut for 2 reasons:

  1. Racism: These are Aboriginal women. These are not white women…there’d be a posse waiting on the steps of Parliament if that happened.
  2. Profiteering: The money has been “re-routed” into ..you guessed it..big business.  video:  Stephen Harper Lack of Concern for Native Women

That is my explanation. I want to hear the excuses (certainly not reasons) from Harper himself. Most likely all I will be met with is silence. What excuse is there for an anti-women move like that? Article: NUPGE asks Harper to restore funding for NWAC

Consider that Harper has cut funding for 11 women’s’ groups including Match International, an organization financially protecting women’s right to family planning, including prenatal care and the right to abort unwanted pregnancies in developing countries.
article/video:  Harper government axes funding for 11 women’s groups

Here is the (I kid you not) diplomatic response from Conservative Sen. Nancy Ruth in response to the women’s’ groups about the backlash over these cuts:  “shut the f–k up“[ on the abortion issue]… “If you push it, there will be more backlash,…this is now a political football. This is not about women’s health in this country.” Verbal attacks aside, Bulger is right that budget cuts to women’s groups is not about their health. As with everything Harper, it’s about siphoning the money back into corporate Canada. video:  Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth Threatens Canadian Women’s Groups
Article: Funding Cut to Women’s by Conservative Government

Bulger blamed the funding cuts on the “ideologically driven feminist groups” who support funding abortion as part of maternal health initiatives in developing countries. The government announced last week that it will only fund family planning, but not abortion.  Now I’m not going to argue the right or wrong of abortion, or the ShareLife vs ProChoice thing because that is a never-ending argument and so far as I can tell no one ever wins. I will state however that it is not my right, nor should it be, to choose for someone else. Are we going to send women to back street butchers again? (Or in the case of international developing countries force them to have unwanted children they cannot feed or clothe).

Nancy Ruth doesn’t seem to have a problem with it.

R.I.P. Canada’s Aboriginal Women.
R.I.P. Women’s Rights in Developing Countries.
R.I.P. Canadian Democracy….the worst cut of all.


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