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Vatican Vs Military Spending … You Know You’re in Trouble When …

… even the Pope is devastated over international financial expenditures on military defence.
video: Pope Calls for Less Military Spending and More Development

Note the Pope’s quote: To cease the hatred, the provocation and the use of arms. Easing global tensions however is not what so many nations, especially us privileged first worlds, are about. The Pope pleaded to Iran for a negotiated solution to the dispute over the nuclear programs. Let’s have a look at the US involvement in Iran’s “dispute”, shall we? (You knew it had to go there). The UN made it clear Iran must not pursue weapons of mass destruction. Clearly this is not a sign that Iran is in any way on a quest for peace. Iran halfheartedly, kinda agreed to that but politely suggested it needed plutonium for, um, nuclear energy, not weaponry of course. The UN, not to be fooled, demurred and let it be known to other nations not to barter with Iran over that one. Well, you can’t win em’ all….or can you?
video:  Iran’s uranium a problem for UN, not the world – an alternative viewpoint

Enter the United States who, for purely altruistic purposes, were happy to negotiate the sale of plutonium to Iran to manufacture nuclear energy and not nuclear weaponry, of course. Iran didn’t care for the market price of US plutonium and the final transaction was sucked into the void known as the Black Market. Outraged and shocked upon discovering Iran was purchasing plutonium after it “insisted its plutonium-separation experiments were conducted in 1993” “and that no plutonium had been separated [from uranium] since then” the United States righteously called for sanctions against Iran by the UN. Can you hear that sound? That’s me gagging on my lunch.
Article:  Threats Watch: Iran, Plutonium and Assessing the Threat

Ah, Benedict XVI, world peace remains as elusive now as it was during Jesus‘ time. The Son of God Himself couldn’t turn the tides and I dare say neither can Pope Benedict. Of course now we have the hypocrisy and greed of those pesky Americans to contend with in the process.

World Peace R.I.P.


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