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Not Far Behind Ouimet Comes Helena Guergis…

Do the scandals and disgraces in Stephen Harper’s House of Horrors never end?  Helena Guergis who first threw that embarrassing hissy fit at the P.E.I. airport (her home province, btw), whose husband was arrested for possession of cocaine and drunk driving (only the drunk driving charge received a conviction), who was forced to resign from Cabinet and the Conservative Party for serious” but unspecified allegations regarding her conduct actually has the nerve to run in Simcoe-Grey County (my home region as it were) as an Independent Conservative MP.  Huh? I don’t believe that term existed before the Guergis Affair. Kudos for inventing a new Canadian political term, Ms. Guergis (probably the only honest thing she ever did during her political career).

She certainly got her feathers ruffled during the investigation against her: Question Period – June 2010 – Helena Guergis  I give her credit for her audacity if not her intellect.

You know what scares me?  That broad actually has a chance at re-election and therefore so does Harper. OMG. Don’t Canadians ever learn?  To think I thought we’d seen the end of George W. after Obama was elected. He appears to have dropped 20 years in age and taken up residence in Canada.

Perhaps Ms Guergis’ philosophy and attitude will be better explained in this animated video entitled Helena Guergis Throws a Hissy Fit in P.E.I. Airport …  penned by yours truly.


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