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20 Reasons to Own Rather than Rent

  1. You own the property…you can landscape, barbecue, pitch a tent…
  2. You can’t be evicted.
  3. You have a financial investment and therefore a future nest egg.
  4. You can take out a 2nd mortgage.
  5. People like the status of home ownership.  video:  How to Buy a House
  6. A home is a status symbol.
  7. You will never have a pesky landlord.
  8. You can rent a room or a basement.
  9. You feel truly settled.
  10. You have an inheritance to pass onto your children. video:  How Millions of Americans Will Lose Their Homes
  11. You can invest in home improvement and beautification.
  12. You can erect a fence for privacy.
  13. You have creative license with your interior decor.
  14. You can sell your house when you are in financial need.
  15. You can turn it over for profit. video: How to Flip a House for $5,000.00
  16. You can live in an upscale part of town.
  17. You will build home equity.video: Home Ownership Accelerator: Mortgage Magic
  18. A permanent neighbourhood gives you a sense of community.
  19. You have your own backyard.
  20. You have a sense of security and permanence.

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