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The Neighbour from Hell

I just read an article in an online edition of MacLean’s magazine involving a pathological neighbour in northern Toronto and his bitterness at the contractor building his $400,000 home.  Clearly the neighbourhood is very affluent and needless to say a tight community. Apparently they are even tighter now after defending themselves against the subject of this blog, the neighbour from hell.

He is a successful (yet neurotic) businessman who became enraged at his contractor over what he believed were significant inconsistencies in how he wanted his house built.  His concerns seemed very minor to me, for instance the “exterior window surround was built with six-inch stones, not 10-inch stones“.  Oh my.  I can see me losing sleep over that one. He was also enraged that his contractor “had been slow to fix an outdoor tap that topped up the swimming pool“. Heady stuff.

His response? He went about the neighbourhood and searched for even the slightest violation of by-laws in the houses and surrounding property of neighbours whose homes were built by the same contractor.  He hit pay-dirt. One neighbour’s bushes were a few inches higher than the by-law code permitted.  Talk about digging for dirt. He and the builder sued, they counter sued and the whole mess is still in court. Probably the coup de grace of his bizarre actions was this: the businessman discovered the builder’s name associated with the fair for the local school which his children attended, so he threatened to pull his own sponsorship. He also threatened the principal by saying “I’ll bury you in policy.”

One by-law violation the school committed was a lottery for the daycare centre, and it was promptly shut down for lack of a licence. The school lost 40 per cent of its funding. Unbelievable.

Needless to say the neighbours rallied against him. He and his children are now pariahs. The other families don’t invite his children to birthday parties or any other social activities. It is unfortunate that his innocent children  became caught in the crossfire however I can understand the neighbour’s reasoning:  kindness towards his children implies consent towards his actions. 

The businessman remains oblivious to his own responsibility in the neighbourhood warfare. He actually commented that his children have “seen how important it is to stand up for principles and not give in to a bully.” Clearly the man doesn’t recognize that he is the bully in this entire mess.

This man became so obsessed with persecuting the contractor he lost sight of his own minor grievances in the first place and extended his bitterness to the rest of his community. How did depriving his own kids’ private school of 40% of its funding assist his cause against the contractor? How did isolating his entire family from the rest of the neighbourhood become a positive “learning experience” for his children?

Seems to me the only learning his kids could take away from the bizarre experience is that their father is certifiable. Mind you I have a feeling they didn’t need this particular episode in their lives to teach them that lesson. Most likely they figured out their father was a horse of a different safari years ago, without any help from the neighbours whatsoever. The only thing worse than a neighbour from hell is a father from hell. Perhaps when his children are old enough they will rally together and stand up against their own lifelong bully: their father.

More neighbours from hell from youtube:

My White Trash Neighbour and Her Daughter did you know that using obscenities loud enough for the neighbours to hear is a by-law violation?

The World’s Worst Neighbour  To be sure it is illegal to film a person without his/her permission. How this war began between the two I can’t say….however listen to that mouth!

Angry Woman Abuses Garbage Owner  If this man wasn’t getting assaulted this woman’s actions would be hilarious. This is a UK video – apparently crazy neighbours are everywhere. They live amoung us.

Crazy Psycho Nutcase Lunatic Neighbour Becky – their title, not mine

Personally if I had neighbours like these I’d pitch a tent and charge admission…


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