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What do Warhol, M&M’s and Eminem Have in Common?

Okay by now it is firmly established I am a huge Warhol fan.  Then I stumbled across this bit of news and I was smitten (not that I will ever abandon Andy you understand) but Enrique Ramos is brilliant… Observe his latest genius here  

Eminem in M&M’s.  seriously  Why didn’t I think of that? I could be a rich artiste by now too…oh right..I don’t have any talent.It doesn’t get any more contemporary and its a gorgeous piece of work too. In fact, Eminem in M&M’s is sort of an in-your-face to the Mars Inc company.

Incidentally here is a bit of M&M trivia for you:

M&M’s were an accident.  1941 saw the first release of M&Ms to the American military during WWII. Forest (nope not Gump) Mars and Bruce Murrie were the sort of inventors (hence M&Ms). The candy didn’t get its trademark M until 1950 . Read History of M&M’s Candies

Mars, founder of the Mars Company, got the idea for the confection in the 1930s during the Spanish Civil War when he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with a hard shell of chocolate surrounding the inside, preventing the candies from melting. In essence Mars didn’t invent the hard-shelled candy. He probably had to experiment a little in his own factory but it wouldn’t surprise me if Mars visited whoever was responsible for the original hard shelled candy to see how it was done.

Mars received a patent for his own product on March 3, 1941. During the War the candies were exclusively sold to the American military. (Possibly because Mars witnessed Spanish soldiers eating them and figured the American military was a good place to start….of course wartime made it nearly impossible for people to run about buying candies since they were saving every dime for healthy food and even there were coming up short…food rations you know).

Read M&M’s Wikipedia It wasn’t until 1954 that M&M’s became available to the public. Later into the 1950’s the slogan “The milk chocolate melts in your mount–not in your hand,” was released and by 1958 the demand for M&Ms surpassed 1 million pounds of candy weekly.

When Eminem burst onto the scene years ago he was obliged to find a different way of spelling his handle M&M in an effort to avoid a lawsuit with Mars Inc. and he came up with the spelling we know today. Then Ramos pulled a fast one on M&M’s and married them up anyway…and there ain’t nuttin Mars Inc can do about it  😉  (in-your-face)

Warhol would definitely have hung that one up in the Factory and not just because of its esthetic brilliance but certainly because of the satirical slap in the face at Mars Inc. Warhol knew genius on so many levels when he saw it.




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